Management Capital Holding was founded in Munich in November 2007.

We provide capital from family offices and high net-worth individuals for management buy-outs of companies in need for transformation.

Unlike most private equity firms, Management Capital Holding AG does not operate via a standard fund vehicle, but rather on a deal-by-deal basis through individually tailored investor consortia that include a substantial cash equity commitment from the firm’s partners.

We take an entrepreneurial approach based upon our partners’ many years of pragmatic operating experience in senior management positions.

Instead of responding to auctions, we proactively identify and develop industry sector concepts together with long-term implementation plans based on operational excellence.

Going beyond just capital support, Management Capital Holding AG works closely with management teams and corporations as value-creating partner.

We take majority positions in companies based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland ranging in size between € 25 - 250 million of revenue.

Management Capital Holding AG invests in transactions where we can take advantage of changing market environments in selected industries where we have expertise and access to a business network, such as media and telecommunications, retail and consumer goods, business services, and manufacturing.

Current portfolio companies of Management Capital Holding bundled in the European Professional Publishing Group, a buy & build concept in the business-to-business information sector, are B+B Media Company, Compact Group, Info-Techno Databases, Atec Business Information and the LPV-Group.