"Creating value with active support"

We believe that generating lasting value in enterprises comes from consistent and enduring active involvement.
We believe in a proactive approach based on industry sector concepts and implementation plans for strategic change and operational excellence..

We see ourselves as entrepreneurial owners with hands-on senior management experience and concentrate on defining and creating the right market conditions for our engagements.

We believe in the entrepreneurial freedom that our management teams should have to realize their full potential, but make ourselves available as sparring partners or network builders when needed.

We believe in value creation by initiating transformation of companies in transactions with sufficient equity and reasonable leverage.

We believe that a company crisis offers a great opportunity for equity investment, since there is often no legitimate reason why a special situation for a business cannot be turned around quickly with appropriate managerial and financial support.

We believe in real partnerships that are created by people with shared values and highest integrity. We select our partners — be it acquisition candidates, management teams or corporations — accordingly.