Management Capital Holding stands for Capital Support, Partners in Value Creation,
and Entrepreneurial Ownership

How we define Capital Support
Provision of capital from an individually tailored investor consortium on a deal-by-deal basis; not from a standard fund vehicle
No dependence on management fees and no pressure to exit investment early before full value is realized
Substantial cash equity investment by individual partners of Management Capital Holding in each transaction

Why we are Partners in Value Creation
Partner for corporations in divesting non-core businesses
Flexibility and speed to structure customized transactions to allow value enhancement for all parties

What we commit to as Entrepreneurial Owners
Value creation not limited to financial engineering, but based on entrepreneurial and industry sector concept
Leverage extensive German and international industry network and own executive experience
Back management teams in buy-outs without getting involved operationally on a day-to-day basis
Fast decision-making process for add-on acquisitions and strategic investments