Management Capital Holding‘s Value Proposition to Investors

Management Capital Holding invests alongside with family offices and high net-worth individuals on a deal-by-deal basis in mid-cap companies in German speaking territory

Unlike most private equity firms, Management Capital Holding does not operate via a standard fund vehicle, but rather puts together individually tailored investor consortia individually tailored to the specific need of an investment concept

Management Capital Holding’s investments are professionally structured in a single purpose vehicle, usually a limited partnership, customary for private equity investors

Our Investors in business partnership with Management Capital Holding are regularly invited to participate in such investment vehicles without prior commitment on a deal-by-deal basis

The Partners of Management Capital Holding are experienced operational managers and private equity professionals who always participate in the investments with a substantial own cash equity commitment

Management Capital Holding offers a very high degree of transparency throughout the entire investment cycle to their investors

Management Capital Holding seeks an exit of the held portfolio companies after 5 to 10 years with an attractive rate of return for our investors

Prototypical investment
- Mittelstand companies in German speaking countries looking for solution for succession issues
- Companies with transformation and restructuring needs in challenging business situations and environments
- Investments in companies with a low risk but attractive return profile