Portfolio Company of Management Capital Holding:
LPV Lebensmittel Praxis Verlag Neuwied GmbH

B2B media group with professional publishing magazines, events, awards, online services, consulting and market reearch for the retail and hospitality industry

Lebensmittel Praxis was first published in 1949 and is considered to be one of the leading B2B magazines in Germany. Another member of the LPV group is handelsjournal, published by the German Retail Federation HDE, K√úCHE, published by the German Cuisine Chef Federation (VDK), and the B2B magazines Convenience Shop and Catering inside. Freizeit Verlag Landsberg publishes Top Hotel, the market leader for the hotel industry. In Poland, the LPV group is represented by Wydawnictwo Gospodarcze with the B2B magazines Wiadomosci Handlowe and Wiadomosci Kosmetyczne. In Austria, Regal Verlagsgesellschaft publishes the market leading B2B magazine Regal. The LPV is also majority shareholder of the market research and consulting company BBEmedia.

Neuwied, Landsberg am Lech (Germany), Vienna (Austria), Warsaw (Poland)

Investment Concept:
- Roll-out of existing online services and applying using the synergies within the European Professional Publishing Group
- Leverage of know how for event management and consulting services for other businesses of the European Professional Publishing Group
- Use of Austrian and Polish locations for strengthening and rolling-out the business model of the European Professional Publishing Group abroad