The "Shell Artists"

The “Shell Artists“ are a group of eight autistic artists. Eva-Maria David, Jonas Deierling, Johannes Haag, Artur Lebtag, Christian Lutsch, Peter Matthews, Anna-Maria Thomas and Nicolas Wolf live and work together. Painting and its presentation to the public means a lot to these young people because art gives them a way to communicate with the world as equals.

The „Shell Artists“ move creatively and easily in their world of art. Their expressive paintings are distinctive for their audacious spontaneity. In an impressive way they belie the cliché that autistic people only live in a world of fixed rules devoid of any imagination.

The charitable organization „Muschelkünstler e.V.“ was founded in March 2008 by parents, assistants and art experts to provide these artistic activities an organizational and financial platform. The organization‘s goal is to bring autistic people closer to a life of self-determination through art. The artworks are a way for autistic people, who usually are unable to speak, to express their feelings. In addition to the therapeutic aspect it was also important to the founders to create a stress-free connection between the autistic people´s work and the culture of the so-called „normal“ world. This means creating broad awareness for the highly varied cognitive world of autistic people and bringing them in contact with their environment through private viewings, exhibitions, integrative workshops, etc.

Still only „Shell Children“ they presented their artworks for the first time in 2007 at an exhibition in the gallery of Nürnberg-Langwasser‘s community center. Beyond the region the young artists talked about themselves at „Documenta 12“ in Kassel . Since then there have followed many exhibitions and awards, for example in the competition „365 Orte im Land der Ideen“ („365 places in the land of ideas“).

Management Capital Holding is a member of „Muschelkünstler e.V.“ and supports their initiative. We exhibit some of the artworks at our offices in Munich.

If you would like to learn more about the MUSCHELKÜNSTLER ( or support this initiative please contact Mr. Michael Hengstmann or the Muschelkünstler`s Executive Director Dr. Jürgen Wolf (Tel: +49 911 255 694 13,