Investment Focus

Managers who

  • are planning a management buy-in or buy-out
  • Seeking a senior managerial role in a company with their own equity stake

Companies and groups of companies that

  • are looking for a new shareholder to bring fresh capital to restructure or transform the business
  • Are looking for a succession solution for a managing partner
  • need growth capital and accept a new majority shareholder
  • are planning the sale of a business unit or a subsidiary

Investors who

  • are interested in direct company investments within the framework of a proven private equity approach
  • are looking for an experienced team with a proven track record in corporate investments to manage their investments

We invest in companies or divisions that each generate a turnover of between 25 million and 500 million euros

The regional focus of our investment commitments is on Germany, Austria and Switzerland

We look for investments in the following sectors

  • Media and telecommunications
  • Retail and consumer goods
  • Business services
  • Technology manufacturing

We seek investment opportunities in companies that

  • have an established position in their relevant market
  • have a proven ability to generate positive cash flows from their business model
  • have a clear business model and unrealised potential for operational improvement

We focus less on

  • participation in auctions without an industrial concept or lack of support from managers or the industrial partner
  • selected industries where we have little operational experience to contribute (e.g. real estate, infrastructure, extractive industries, banking and insurance, public sector)

Management Capital Holding supports executives in the SME sector as management buy-out or management buy-in managers in the acquisition of their company with the following profile:

  • Entrepreneurial attitude of the management team with a strong will to change
  • Occupation of attractive growth markets with opportunity to expand competitive position through organic growth or follow-on acquisitions
  • Potential for value enhancement through sustainable changes in the operational business (“Transformation”)

Management Capital Holding makes its experience and network available to support management in measures for value enhancement, international expansion, acquisitions, corporate reorganisation or restructuring

Management Capital Holding offers the managers of its portfolio companies a very attractive management participation programme in order to participate in the value enhancement of their own company as a co-shareholder.

Management Capital Holding is looking for experienced and successful managers who would like to participate in the value enhancement of our medium-sized portfolio companies in a management function or as an advisory board member

Typical investment situations:

  • Entrepreneurial management team seeks new shareholder and support to solve a succession issue in an owner-managed company
  • Experienced manager seeks a new challenge at another medium-sized company in the context of a management buy-in (MBI)

Management Capital Holding supports owner-managed, medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs in finding solutions for succession issues. We provide them with our network of contacts, our experience and equity resources in the development and implementation of succession arrangements.

Management Capital Holding provides equity funds

  • for restructuring,
  • for planned growth and necessary investments or
  • for international expansion or acquisitions

of their company available

Management Capital Holding is a partner for groups of companies and industrial groups that are planning to divest business areas or subsidiaries that are

  • no longer belong to the future core business,
  • do not fit in with the new Group strategy,
  • lead to an increase in the market capitalisation of the seller in the event of a sale, or
  • do not meet the return targets of the parent company.
  • In this context, we welcome it if the existing shareholder remains involved in a role as minority shareholder in order to participate in an increase in the value of the company after the transfer.

Typical investment situations:

  • Entrepreneurs looking for a new shareholder as part of a succession solution for their company, who wish to gradually withdraw from the operational business and in doing so would like to see their entrepreneurial life’s work preserved and rewarded.
  • Managing directors and shareholders who are looking for equity capital for the sustainable reorganisation of their company or for a restructuring process
  • Groups that want to dispose of divisions that no longer fit in with the

core business and the strategy of the company

  • Management Capital Holding invests together with selected investors (business families, entrepreneurs, family offices and high net worth individuals) in medium-sized companies in German-speaking countries.
  • In contrast to classic private equity funds, Management Capital Holding AG does not have a classic fund structure, but puts together a transaction-specific investor group for each investment
  • For each of Management Capital Holding’s investments, transaction-specific investor groups are put together and a separate acquisition company is founded as an investment vehicle for the transaction.
  • Management Capital Holding regularly invites its investors to participate in such an investment vehicle and to participate in the direct investment in a medium-sized company on a transaction-specific basis
  • The partners of Management Capital Holding have long and extensive experience in entrepreneurial and operational management functions and participate with significant equity capital in each investment vehicle
  • Management Capital Holding provides investors with a high degree of transparency throughout the investment cycle
  • Management Capital Holding targets an attractive return on equity for its investors after a holding period of 5 to 10 years

Typical investments:

  • Majority investments in medium-sized family businesses looking for a succession solution.
  • Investments in medium-sized companies that need an experienced shareholder and equity capital for urgently needed operational and strategic realignment or restructuring measures
  • Investments in companies with business models that have a moderate risk profile combined with attractive return potential


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