Investment philosophy

„Generating value in partnership through entrepreneurship“

  • We are convinced that a sustainable increase in the value of companies can only be achieved through consistent and continuous commitment.
  • We see ourselves as a partner to management and jointly develop new ideas and business models to unlock industrial potential in dynamic markets and thus create sustainable value for your company, even in special situations.
  • We believe that value is created by initiating changes in industrial structures and by excellent and capital-strong companies, not by excessive corporate debt.
  • Based on our own operational management experience, we see ourselves as entrepreneurial owners and concentrate our efforts on creating the right framework conditions in the market for our investments.
  • We know from our own experience that the managing directors of our portfolio companies need entrepreneurial freedom to develop their full strength, and we see ourselves as sparring partners and bridge builders to our industrial network.
  • We are convinced that the need for operational and strategic realignment of a company also offers a great opportunity for an investment solution and a successful turnaround.
  • We believe that shared values and integrity of all individuals involved are the basis for lasting partnerships. We therefore select our transaction partners – be they family businesses, managing directors or group companies – on the basis of these criteria.