Capital – Partnership Value Enhancement – Entrepreneurial Participation

  • Provision of equity capital by a transaction-specific group of investors, not a classic equity fund
  • Performance-based model in which the partner team of Management Capital Holding and the managers involved are incentivised by the realisation of a sustainable increase in the value of the investments
  • No time pressure to sell the investment, but realisation of full value enhancement
  • Provision of own, above-average equity capital by the partner team of Management Capital Holding AG for each investment

What we mean by value enhancement in partnership

  • Partner for companies in the divestment of business areas and investments that are not part of the core business
  • Flexibility and speed in structuring case-specific transactions
  • Opportunity for all parties to participate in the value enhancement of an investment solutionWas Sie von uns als unternehmerischen Eigentümer erwarten können

What you can expect from us as an entrepreneurial owner

  • Value enhancement is not understood as mere financial restructuring, but is based on an entrepreneurial approach and a strategic concept
  • Provision of a German and international network as well as operational, entrepreneurial expertise
  • Access to the leading network of experienced interim managers in Germany, Executive Interim Partners
  • Support for management in the purchase of their own company (management buy-out) or the investment in a company (management buy-in), but no interference in day-to-day operations
  • Short decision-making channels, especially for strategic investments or follow-up acquisitions